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Just Not Enough Time!

All to often we get wrapped up in our day to day lives, work, children, running our home life and we are that busy looking after everyone else that we totally forget to look after ourselves or when you do remember to look after yourself there is either not enough time left in the day Or you just to tired to even make the effort!

Those little plans and promises you made with yourself last week, last month, quickly pass by and don’t come to fruition.

Well mo more... This needs to stop! We are worthy of the love, care and attention we give to other and it’s about time we are as stern with ourselves as we are with the people we love around us.

So take one little step at a time, we can take 30 minutes out of a 7 whole days. I hear you, you haven’t got ten minuets never mind 30! But whats 30 minutes out of a whole week? Come on are you with me?

Go for a #walk in the woods, around the lake or up that hill, go on a #bike ride or just sit in the garden taking it all in or #reading a book. 30 minutes of you time, doing something you love. 30 minutes of you time to #recharge your battery.

I believe we can change a lot in ourselves in just 30 little mins at a time and who knows you might even enjoy that much and stretch it to an hour #selfcare is not only important for our #mentalhealth it’s also important to show our children that caring for yourself is a must and doing one positive thing is only a small step but all journeys have to start somewhere, right?

Let this be the beginning of your self care adventure. You are worth every single second that you spend on yourself and everyone around you will benefit from a you that has had a little self love.

I will be posting my 30 min self care break so be sure to update me on your 30 min break. We can do this.

Enjoy your day 😘

Angelina x


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