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Dermabrasion - Ageing Skin & Uneven Skin Tone

We are always looking for improved ways to treat our skin, searching for that brighter, clearer complexion. You probably already incorporate the essence of MicroDermabrasion in your skincare routine, with exfoliates and scrubs, Micro-Dermabrasion just takes this to the next level with a professional facial treatment. It is a none invasive procedure which exfoliates the outer layers of the epidermis, removing dead skin cells from the surface and helps to increase the production of collagen. The Dermabrasion machine uses a diamond tipped wand, suction and vibration for this (but don't worry, it really is painless). The wand is moved over the skin in small methodical movements, once the full face and neck has been treated the skins ability to absorb products is increased and allows the rest of your targeted facial to maximise results.

What Does Dermabrasion Treat?

This treatment can be used for a multitude of skin issues such as fine lines and #wrinkles, #stretchmarks, #acne scarring, #ageing skin, #pigmentation, dull tired skin and uneven skin tone. In today's blog we will be focusing on the signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, dull complexion and uneven skin tone.

The Causes of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Normally beginning in our mid 20's the natural ageing process begins to slow, dead skin cells begin to build up as the shedding process slows down and the turn over of new skin cells decreases slightly,collagen production decreases and elastin starts to loose that vital spring back. Resulting in those pesky lines that begin to deepen as the ageing process progresses.

As if that is not enough to contend with we have other factors that can play a part in how our skin ages, such as your skin care routine or lack of it! Not getting enough Zzzz's at night, this is definitely my skin demon! Also having a poor diet, drinking alcohol and smoking among other things, it really does feel like an up hill struggle.

The Treatment

As we age we notice a gradual increase of wrinkles and fine lines which can leave us looking older than we feel, some also notice the tone and texture of their skin begins to dull and is not as smooth as it was in our younger years. Our Dermabrasion facial treatment help's to combat these signs, by removing dead cells from the surface of the skin, boosting collagen production and plumping fine lines and wrinkles, skin is then treated to a targeted facial with our #Clinicare skin range giving you optimum results. Skin has a more youthful complexion, feeling smoother, looking fresher with improved texture and tone.

Take a look at these results after having our clients first treatment, as you can see from the photo's below the lines around the forehead, eyes and mouth have significantly improved after just one treatment, the skin looks fresher and brighter. With a continued skincare routine at home and further treatments every 4-6 weeks many clients see fantastic #results. Once you have your skin looking its best your treatments begin to get further apart. Clients can opt for regular facial treatments and use micro-Dermabrasion as an add-on treatment.

  • An effective technique for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles

  • Removes dead skin from the surface revealing fresh skin beneath

  • Known as the lunch time facial it's quick and easy to perform with no downtime

  • Helps the production of collagen and lets face we all love that!

  • Allows the increased absorption of products

  • Leaves skin feeling fresher, tighter and smooth

  • Skin looks noticeably younger

If your still feeling bewildered don't worry, Angelina is here, I know its like a mine field out there around products, what is it I need? how do I use this?which order do they go in? I am here to help. I can help advise you on all things skin care and treatments from planning a skin care routine around your lifestyle to helping with a specific skin issue you have been dealing with.

Would you like to know more about #Microdermabrasion Want to give it a go? You can give Angelina a call or book on The Heavenly Touch website

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