After the prime ministers announcement yesterday 23/06 we in the beauty industry will not be opening our doors on 4th July. Unfortunately there was no guidance as to when this may be.

As we wait to hear the news so we can begin treating you all again please stay safe and enjoy eating out in our restaurants and cafe's, have a long awaited drink in the pub. Go and treat yourself to a haircut and support all those businesses that we support 100% and were given the go ahead to open.

Please contact Angelina for any queries and to book your appointments for August.


Our opening times are as follows:

Monday - Saturday

2pm - 10pm


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Monday's               2pm - 10pm

Tuesday                  2pm - 10pm

Wednesday           2pm - 10pm

Thursday                2pm - 10pm

Friday                     2pm - 10pm

Saturday                2pm - 10pm       

Sunday                   Closed